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The Aqua Jumbo® cleans up instantly and thoroughly
Your carpet and tile floor
Spilled food and liquid
Broken glass and crockery
Garden rubble, soil, sand
Defrosting freezer ice and water
DIY workshops debris, sawdust and oil
Pet cages, fish tanks, litter trays
Emptying a defect dishwasher or
washing machine
Needle from the Christmas tree
COLD fireplace ashes (only with the






Aqua Jumbo® easy to attach to any make of vacuum cleaner.


Art. AJ 4001, contents 8,5 L, Weight 2,1 Kg. For all purpose use.



 Ideal for the house, garden, garage, workshop, office, boat, caravan, everywhere!!!




THE AQUA JUMBO COMPANY - P.O.Box 69409, 1060 CL Amsterdam - The Netherlands -

tel. +31(20) 4080666 Fax +31(20) 6140563 - e-mail: info@aquajumbo.com